Architectural Trends of the Year

During 2018 we have seen a few new trends take place within residential architecture circles. As younger generations begin to gain a foothold on the property ladder we are seeing greater customisation not only with interior design but also with the exterior design and functionality of buildings. It is thought that millennials in general favour transitional contemporary styles that are open, spacious, light, and functional. Here, we take a look at a few of the trends that have started to become more popular this year and will continue to do so.

It does seem that we are now experiencing a reaction to some of the rigid functionality of residential architecture of recent years. Younger homeowners want there to be more of a feel of balance between the interior of a property and the great outdoors wherever possible, even in built-up urban environments.

One big change this year has been to lean towards larger openings to a property and greater care to allow higher levels of light in through windows, doors and conservatory spaces. This can be achieved with bigger doors and openings, as well as windows. With the ability to install bi-fold windows and doors, and other products with different opening options it provides a bespoke feel to every house, with the homeowner able to create the width and space that they desire at any given moment.

One way to create the illusion of more space and to allow light and air to flow with greater freedom throughout a property is to design an open floor plan. Traditionally you would have set, rigid rooms that have been designed for specific purposes, such as the dining room to host formal events, and the living room for an informal daily use for a family. Open floor plans allow for a much more fluid lifestyle, with the rooms within a house either removed completely or used for multiple functions at the same time.

Extensions have been popular for decades but it is an option that is definitely on the rise. Homeowners want more space for their money and by creating living spaces outdoors, or building on to outdoor space with extra rooms you can really provide a link and balance between the urban home and nature, even when winter arrives and the temperature is that little bit colder.

Another architectural design trend is to fuse the traditional with the modern. You can take the modern open plan design from above and finish it with traditional design aesthetics. This offers homeowners a classic style with modern functionality. The modern functionality can be in the form of technological advancements, with built-in technology and automation providing a switched on home that functions as a safe, secure, liveable environment.

Some design trends, such as the nods to traditional aesthetics is something that is unlikely to disappear anytime soon. The same can be said for interconnectivity and the need to build in technology to new architecture and design to feed the needs of the modern day human.