Does a Finished Basement Add Value to My Home?

One of the questions many homeowners looking to undertake a basement finishing project ask is that how much value will a finished project add to their home? Truth is, a professionally finished basement can add a lot to the market value of your home. For this reason, many owners are now looking to transform their basement into a beautiful space.

Whether you want to add a playroom, an office space or a new guest bedroom, the basement leaves you spoilt for choice that you otherwise wouldn’t have – unless of course, you wanted to add another level to the home, which would be highly expensive. Besides adding space, a finished basement can add great value to your home.

Basements, however, are home improvement projects that can increase the market value of the home. With basement finishing, you will save a lot of money by adding extra living space in your home. Building a new level on top of your building can be expensive as compared to refinishing your basement which already has some of the features such as plumbing, walls and a floor. For this reasons, it is a relatively cheap renovation project

Top Ideas for Basement Finishing

Fact is your basement can be transformed into anything you want. Keep in mind that this project can be overwhelming hence it requires the services of a professional. Some of the basement finishing ideas that will essentially add value to your home are listed below

An In-Law Suite

Many homeowners would love to have a parent live with them but the insufficient space makes this impossible. Good news is that the basement can now be transformed into an in-law suite. This kind of feature will be ideal for a walk-out basement. This will allow aged parents have easy access in and out of the home. You can add all the features that will make for a memorable stay.

Home Theatre

Go to several modern homes today and you’ll see how beautifully designed their basements are. Most people have turned the space beneath their home into a home theatre. Now, you can catch your favourite movies on the big screen right in the comfort of your home. Moreover, you can find a lot of home theatre basement finishing ideas online to choose from

Sports Bar

What more could a man ask for than to hang out with friends sipping his favourite drink? To top it all, you don’t have to leave your home to catch such fun. By transforming your basement into a sports bar, then you can have all the fun in the world with friends and family right in the comfort of your home.

Other amazing basement finishing ideas include kids playroom, office space, home gym, guest bedroom, entertainment center, wine room and much more.

Don’t write your basement off. You can transform that useless space into the centerpiece of the home. Once the transformation is complete, your basement will become a go-to place for all family members.