Locksmith Services Make People Feel Safer

When do you usually think about calling out a locksmith? If you are like most people, you usually contact this type of a professional when you are locked out of your house or car. However, this security specialist can also provide other services – services that help you maintain the safety of your home or office.

Using the Services of a Commercial Locksmith

For instance, if you need a commercial locksmith in Mandurah, you can use his or her services for one of various needs. You can have this professional install a restricted locking system for your company. That way, you can manage your security and keys to a high standard. You can also see about installing a safe or adding padlocks to certain doors in your business. Padlocks can be provided on a restricted system to increase your business’ level of security.

Security Locking Systems for Businesses

If you need commercial hardware for your business, you will find that a full-service business can provide various accessories. For example, you can purchase items, such as panic bars for exit doors or fire-rated hardware in the form of items, such as door closers. All the hardware is made to comply with the fire standards or regulations that are established for your company.

Installing Cabinet Locks and Providing Keys

Maybe you need keys for your cabinets in your office. If so, you can count on the services of a locksmith to obtain the keys you need. When making a selection for locksmith services in Australia, make sure that you choose locksmiths who are SCEC (Security Construction and Equipment Committee) endorsed.

Also, review SCEC equipment ratings. For example, these ratings evaluate the security level (SL) of certain locksmith products. An SL4 rating for a product offers the most security whilst an SL1 rating offers the least security.

Product Ratings and Uses

SL1 products are used for low-risk situations whilst SL2 products are designed for low-to-medium risk requirements. An SL3 rating identifies items that are used in medium risk scenarios whilst SL4 products are employed for high-risk situations.

If you want to guarantee your total security, make sure any security installations are carried out by a locksmith that is SCEC endorsed. A locksmith that holds this type of credential has undergone intensive training. The locksmith has been security checked and licenced.

Maintain Regular Inspections to Play it Safe

Any security hardware that is SCEC endorsed can only be evaluated, tested, or maintained by SCEC endorsed locksmiths. This should be done at periods that should not surpass two years. By not following this programme, the endorsement is nullified.

Consider More Than Just the Lock – How Is it Installed?

When you choose to install a security lock, you must look at more than just the type of lock you install. You also need to make sure it is installed correctly. That means you need to use the services of a locksmith who is acquainted with the infrastructure of a lock and its supporting hardware. When a locksmith is SCEC approved, you can feel confident about their security work.