Maintain Your Washing Machine to Prevent Appliance Repair

It is not a bad thing to hire a technician to help you bring your dead washing machine back to life, but it is terrible to not pay attention to the proper maintenance of your washing machine and make it stop working. In most cases, doing simple checks and performing regular maintenance can avoid serious issues. Here are a few things that can guarantee a washing machine that continues to serve you long.

Check the hoses regularly

You should always check the water hoses of your washing machine for signs of possible wear and tear. It is usually enough to do it twice a year. You should immediately replace the hose if you find any blistering or cracks or else you will end up dealing with serious problems later.

Prevent Water Overflow

Water overflow is always undesired and is destructive. In order to avoid overflow in the case of a system malfunction you must take these two precautions:

  • Water Shutoff System: You can upload this easy to install Water Shutoff System in your machine to prevent overflow if something goes wrong. This system will automatically stop water supply to the machine if any defect is detected.
  • Washing Machine Overflow Pan: There is a plastic pan given with your machine which you can install under your washing machine to avoid overflow in the case of small leakages. It comes with a fitting to attach with the drain line.

Avoid Overloading the Machine

Avoid loading your machine with more clothes than prescribed on the user`s manual. Overloading your machine will result in malfunctioning and disturbed the balance of your machine.

Maintain the Level of Your Machine

Your machine should be on a leveled surface to function properly. The legs of the machines are adjustable and have an attached locknut with them.

If your machine vibrates with abnormally loud noise or rock back and forth while spinning then you must consider checking its level. All four legs of the machine must rest on the surface of the floor while it is at the resting position. If the legs are not touching the surface of the floor, you are needed to adjust the legs. Simply unlock the locknut, set the leg at the desired height, and then lock the lock nut again. Repeat the process with all four legs until your machine is leveled on the surface.

Sometimes machines do have self-adjusting back legs. In that case only adjust the front two legs manually and then lift your machine from the back, the legs will automatically adjust when you place the machine back on the ground.

If your machine continues to make loud noises while spinning and drying, it is better to buy a Leveling pad for your machine. This pad will assist your machine in attaining the perfect balance when placed beneath the machine and will reduce the disturbing loud noise of the machine.