The Many Advantages of Choosing Slate Roofing

The material used for the roofing in your house will play a major role in determining how much you pay in the future for maintenance and repairs. One of the best options available to people is slate roofing. Slate is a metamorphic rock that can easily be split into flat plates. These can be smoothed further and used for roofing as well. Slate roofing has become pretty popular in many parts of Australia, and many homeowners are also switching over to slate roofs instead of conventional asphalt or concrete roofs. They offer a variety of advantages when compared with conventional roofing materials, making them a much more viable choice. If you want a long-term solution for your roof and don’t want to spend a lot of money, slate roofing is an excellent choice. Here are just some of the many advantages slate roofing provides as compared to conventional roofing materials.

Style and Colour Options

If you are looking for more variety in terms of the textures and colours for your roof, slate roofing is a great idea. There are numerous textures and graduated installations available, along with mixed patterns and designs. Some of the most common NSW slate roofing styles you will see is the random width style as well as the standard pattern style. You can choose from muted colours, as well as darker shades like greys and blacks. Some even prefer reds, greens, or purple for their roof.


Slate is basically a type of natural rock, so it doesn’t get affected so easily by weather elements. In fact, slate hardens over time under intense pressure, so it’s incredibly resilient. Slate roofs can last between 75 to 100 years easily without requiring any sort of repairs or maintenance work. You don’t even need to apply any paint or sealant on the slate roof either. In fact, many people will advise against it, since that reduces the lifespan of the roof considerably.

Weather Resilience

One of the main reasons why so many people now prefer opting for slate roofs is because they are incredibly resilient to environmental damage. If you live in an area that receives a considerable amount of rainfall, or is exposed to the harsh sun rays for several months during the year, you should definitely consider opting for slate roofs. Not only are they good-looking, but they are also very resilient. You don’t need to worry about water leaks or plates falling off on account of heavy rainfall either. All in all, slate roofs are widely considered as a fantastic long-term solution for homeowners who want something that’s reliable and long-lasting, and a roof that doesn’t require repairs after every few years.