Understanding Bathtub Refinishing: Pros, Cons and More!

Much like any other fitting in the bathroom, bathtub is also prone to damages, although it may take a decade or more to see the first signs of wear and tear. There are DIY kits available in the market that can help in restoring the lost shine and finish of your bathtub, at least in the initial years. However, after a point, you would have just two choices – refinishing or new installation. In this post, let’s talk about bathtub refinishing in detail.

What can be fixed?

Home remodelling experts and homeowners agree that installing a new bathtub can be cumbersome. It can actually take weeks before you can use the bathroom again, which isn’t a practical choice. Also, a lot of plumbing repairs and changes must be done to accommodate the new tub. You can get more info on this from the bathtub refinishing experts, who can also suggest on whether installation or re-glazing is a good choice for your home. In case of bathtub refinishing, you can expect to fix a lot of things – outdated colors, lost shine & finish, discoloration, unsightly damages, including chips and cracks, grout lines, and leaking/cracked fiberglass. Laminate seams and tile cracks can be fixed, as well.

What to expect during and after refinishing?

Bath refinishing is ideal for most kinds of bathtubs, including cultured marble, acrylic, fiberglass, and porcelain. The first step in the process is to clean the bathtub, which will help in removing all sorts of deposits on the material, including soap scum, oils and mineral deposits. Next, the chips and visible cracks will be repaired. Once everything is ready, a bonding agent will be used, so that the new finish attaches to the old surface, following which acrylic coating will be done. Refinished bathtubs can look as good as new, and you can expect the results to last for a decade or even more. Refinishing is also preferred by homeowners because there is no need for any remodelling or other complicated repairs. Everything can be done in like three to four days, after which the bathtub can be used.

Finding a service

One of the important aspects of bathtub refinishing is about finding the right service. while every company will claim to do the best, not many adhere to the promises. The terms re-glazing and refinishing can be confusing and can mean different things in different contexts. First and foremost, ask the service to offer an estimate and a few references in your area. Secondly, check what they promise to do, based on the job description in the contract. Keep in mind that there are services known for charging hidden costs, so you need to be sure that the price is final. Thirdly, check if the company has good reviews in the area. You can click here to find a reputed service.

With bathtub refinishing, you can expect to prolong or reuse the old bathtub for a considerable period of time. If you are not ready for a new investment, this is easily the best choice by all means.